The most fun cardio dance class in the world! Engage your mind, body and spirit while learning a choreographed dance (12 eight counts.) You get to dance the routine out to increasingly faster music until you are drenched in sweat and a smile. Most enjoy this class if they have some, even if only a little, dance experience. 

Warm-up like a dancer and tap your inner diva, then learn a badass dance routine to dance it out like you have never danced before. With club style lighting, music pumping and amazing people around you, it could be 9 a.m., 1 p.m. or 7 p.m. and you will feel accomplished, hot, and a burst of endorphins that will ignite a smile of confidence! 


The perfect compliment to our FYD 12 cardio class. 30 quick minutes of dance inspired toning exercises!

FYD TONE will leave you feeling like you’ve built strong and elongated muscles in less than an hour.

We promise to get YOU back to feeling more like YOU! Let’s go release some endorphins. 

Have FUN, stay YOUNG and DANCE forever!