Designed to help create magic on your special day, All About Dance offers dance lessons to anyone that wants to prepare for their first dance as a married couple!No ballroom divas here - we want to teach you and your significant other how to move and look NATURAL doing so! We promise you will have fun and learn skills that will enhance the connection in your marriage for years to come!!!

In a time-crunch? Don’t sweat it! Wedding planning is stressful, but this special moment shouldn’t be! While we recommend our 3-class package, if need be, we can get you wedding day ready in a single one-hour lesson

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$125/lesson $300 for the 3 lesson package

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Our experience with Jessica for pre-wedding dance lessons was incredible and far exceeded any expectation we could have had. Jessica’s approach was perfect and exactly what we hoped for – she did not choreograph an entire dance to a song for us, but rather her goal was to teach us a handful of basic steps to feel comfortable on the dance floor. With only two, 1-hour sessions with Jessica, we became confident and got to a point where we felt natural in each other’s arms moving around the floor. Once our wedding day rolled around, we moved so effortlessly on the dance floor and left our family and friends in awe! It truly added to the fun and happiness of our special day. We cannot thank Jessica enough, and recommend her to any wedding couples considering dance lessons.
— Patrick and Yvonne


"Taking FYD Fitness Cardio Dance classes is my happy place"

— Dawn Z.

“It's like a fountain of youth for all ages.”

— Jennifer T.

“The FYD Fitness Cardio Dance classes are truly amazing!

The energy the teachers bring to the classes make the intense workout fun. Whether it is an early morning class or an evening class, each offers a whole body workout that brings people together that love to dance and have a great time.”

— Julie F.


“FYD Fitness Cardio Dance class is the highlight of my week! As a busy working mom, it is wonderful to be able to have an evening each week that is focused on doing something I love......DANCE! It makes me feel younger, more energetic, and inspired to be dancing again with a great group of supportive people.”

— Emily Z.


“The FYD Fitness motto is "have fun, be young, dance forever,” and that is EXACTLY what I plan on doing.

The fun thing is that the owner of the studio danced at the same studio I danced at in high school. She made a career out of her love of dance and has brought dance back into my life. It is amazing to see so many of us coming together years after dancing in high school to rekindle our love for dance.”

— Allison L.

 “A year ago, I started taking cardio dance. I now dance at least five times a week.

One year and (and -50 pounds later!) I feel more confident and healthy than I have ever felt in my life. Dance is the BEST part of my day. (Who doesn't love channeling their inner pop star after a 9hour work day?)”

— Monica N.